Try Air Force ROTC before commitment

Joining Air Force ROTC doesn't mean you are joining the military. You can take Air Force ROTC courses to see if the program is right for you - all while getting involved in Detachment 380 activities and growing your leadership abilities.  In total, your time commitment to try out Air Force ROTC is only 6 hours a week.

A week in the life of a Det 380 cadet

Leadership Laboratory

3 Hours per week

Conducted once a week, our Leadership Laboratory (Lead Lab) is a cadet run, leadership development program.  Our cadets identify, plan, and execute training objectives designed to help you become better leaders, students, and citizens.

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Physical Training

2 Hours per week

Cadets participate in group physical fitness training twice a week, typically held early in the morning to avoid interfering with your classes. Fitness is an essential part of your success, so we work together to help you achieve your strongest mind and body.

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AS class

Aerospace Studies

2-4.5 Hours per week

Cadets are required to take at least one Aerospace Studies course each semester. First and second year cadets enroll in 50-minute courses (1 credit hour), and third and fourth year cadets enroll in 135-minute courses (3 credit hours).

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