A detachment dedicated to excellence

You are always a cadet, but a student first.

Being a cadet in Detachment 380 enhances your college experience, including access to officer mentoring, exclusive opportunities, volunteer service, and a community as ambitious as you.

Study any major attending MSU or any crosstown affiliate. Attend Leadership Lab and one Aerospace Studies course per week. Engage in Physical Training three times per week.

Cadet's commit about six hours to Air Force ROTC each week, leaving plenty of time for study and extracurricular activities. 

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Extracurriculars: Challenging and Fun

Engage in Detachment 380's multiple extracurriculars such as: Arnold Air Society, Silver Eagles Drill Team, Special Warfare Club, and i5 Space Club.

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Pay for School while enhancing your future career:


Get paid to work out, get good grades, and pursue a unique career in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force. It may sound like something that only happens in your dreams, but it happens here in Detachment 380 every day.

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