Leadership gained through practice

From the time you join as a freshman (AS 100), until you are a senior (AS 400), you will learn concepts in our curriculum - Aerospace Studies - and apply those lessons in our weekly Leadership Laboratory. 

You will carry the lessons you learn at Det 380 - followership, communication skills, confidence, teamwork - with you for the rest of your life. As you progress as a cadet, the challenges you face will increase proportionally to your skill and leadership abilities.  Graduates of Det 380 depart as focused, prepared leaders, ready to lead Airmen or Space Professionals as U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force officers.

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It all begins at Leadership Laboratory

Cadets run the entirety of Lead Lab. For two hours per week cadets execute a plan to meet training objectives that have been internally developed. Cadets practice interpersonal skills, real-time problem solving, and confidence in public speaking. From mapping out facilities and resources required in an operation order, to leading your fellow cadets in a group leadership exercise, as a cadet you remain at the center of it all.


The Air Force ROTC path of success

General Military Courses (GMC)

GMC courses allow cadets to try Air Force ROTC out without obligation. GMC courses introduce cadets to the military lifestyle and expand cadets communication skills.

  • First year: AS100
    The skills you will gain:
    • Learn how to wear the uniform
    • Learn basic customs and courtesies
    • Learn basic marching
    • Understand followership and teamwork
    The things you will do:
    • Complete your first year of Aerospace Studies coursework
    • Complete the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) medical exam (if you did not already during high school).
    • Be assigned to a flight and follow the leadership of AS300's and AS400's
    • Compete for scholarships!
    • Get involved in the detachment 
  • Second Year: AS200
    The skills you will gain:
    • Mentorship of new AS100 cadets
    • Time management
    • Attention to detail - Perfection of marching and uniform wear
    • Decision making in stressful situations
    The things you will do:
    • Prepare for Field Training - The AFROTC basic summer leadership development requirement
    • Pass the AFOQT - AFOQT Facts
    • Choose the rated or nonrated track. Rated jobs are those typically performed in airplanes such as pilot, navigator, and air battle manager.
    • Lead small teams of cadets in accomplishing tasks
    • Complete your second year of Aerospace Studies coursework 
POC commissioning

Professional Officer Course (POC)

After completing GMC and Field Training cadets become POC. Cadets assume leadership roles within the cadet wing designed to challenge them with the planning and executing Leadership Laboratory, Physical Training, Dining out/in, and more!

  • Third year: AS300
    The skills you will gain:
    • Direct leadership of GMC - you set the standard for the next generation of cadets!
    • Delegation - as a flight commander or similar role you must involve your subordinates
    • Mentorship - pass on your experience and knowledge to the AS200 class
    The things you will do:
    • Increase credit load of your Aerospace classes from 1 to 3. Directly apply management principles learned in third year class to management of GMC in Leadership Lab
    • Champion new ideas - the variety of interesting things the detachment does is generated from cadets. As an AS300 you directly lead the detachment
    • Consider which Air Force or Space Force jobs you'll pursue, and bases where you might like to be stationed
    • Complete your third year of Aerospace Studies coursework
  • Fourth year: AS400
    The skills you will gain:
    • Upper management leadership 
    • Learn the scope of leadership - lead cadets who themselves are in leadership positions
    The things you will do:
    • Prepare for commissioning - Learn more operational information about the Air Force to help your transition from cadet to Active Duty officer
    • Assist in managing the entire cadet wing
    • Receive your Air Force/Space Force job and base assignment!
    • Complete your final year of Aerospace Studies coursework

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